Following the completion of construction, a final inspection is made and keys to the newly renovated space are presented to the client company.  From this point forward, the staff of Walker Properties is available for a multitude of tenant-based services, including around the clock, 24 hour availability for emergency situations.  To ensure accessibility, every tenant is presented with a list of emergency numbers guaranteeing an immediate response.  With an on-site Emergency Response (ER) Trailer housing all foreseeable materials and equipment to deal with a crisis situation, help can be dispatched to any property within minutes.  In addition to emergency services, Walker Properties also provides a number of other basic amenities such as lawn care and snow removal.

Typical services include:

• 24 hour emergency access to staff
• Same day response to service requests and immediate response to emergencies
• Snow removal from parking lots and common areas
• Lawn and landscape maintenance
• Common area security light monitoring
• Parking lot monitoring